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For 37 years I was a dedicated nurse, helping people get better. I was passionate about learning about the body and health practices. Unfortunately, over time it became apparent that health was more about business and less about people. Working in such a narrow system was frustrating for me, my co-workers and my patients. The medical narrative focused on physical symptoms and not core issues, so it seemed that Mental, Emotional and Spiritual parts of our nature were rarely considered. The nursing workload became unworkable, stressful as I felt run down, worn out physically and emotionally stretched. Along with some of my colleagues, I became completely burnt out and my health suffered, ultimately I had to leave, I felt I had no choice, with my immune system compromised, I was exhausted.

Feeling scared and apprehensive, realising I had just stepped out of a lifelong career into the unknown made me feel very insecure. I knew this would be a difficult and challenging time to recoup my health and find my feet again. My future felt very uncertain, knowing that I could never go back to nursing again.

From this point on, my life was going to be very different, considering I had lost a large chunk of it and my identity.

Suffering from anxiety and depression, I came to believe that I was good at looking after others but neglectful of my own needs, I felt blocked, stuck and I could feel it in my body. My first goal was to pursue my healing and so I spent a good deal of time researching a variety of modalities and visiting practitioners. Nothing seemed to work with lasting effects. One good thing about the change was that I recommenced my spiritual practices, meditation and connecting with inner guidance.  This calmed things down emotionally for me, I was beginning to relax more.

I knew that I was moving forward as I reconnected with my Psychic abilities. It felt like I was reclaiming powerful parts of myself that I had long forgotten or dismissed.

One day after so many hours of searching I came across EFT(Emotional Freedom Technique) or commonly called Tapping. My first impressions were that it just looked weird,  but it had been around for 30 years and had scientific backing. It felt good because  I could feel and see improvements and shifts in my energy, I felt lighter.

Family and friends noticed and practising on them, which validated my belief in Eft’s effectiveness. This was enough for me to realise I had found something simple and accessible that actually worked. Since that day my life has had a new direction that is satisfying and meaningful. I was motivated to do the training and am now a qualified Transformational Coach. I finally get to see people get better and I continue to use EFT on myself to this day. I have learnt to combine my intuitive skills in my practice with EFT to help resolve clients issues.

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In all readings, elements of clearing and healing take place, connections with past lives and their relevance. Find out more about my psychic services and how they can help you in your unique situation. We are based in Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia.