Money Reset

16 Week Course

How do you feel about money? Is it a source of power or the root of your problems?

The reason you don’t see more money in your life is programmed into your very mind-body connection (See mind/body explanation) without your permission.

When we look at our beliefs around money, it references a deeper set of emotions, traumas, and vows.

Then we can see that we all have agendas that keep us stuck and stop us from achieving wealth.

Ask yourself these questions:

As a child did you hear your parents argue/ have stressful discussions around money?

Was your family working class with the belief that you have to work long and hard for their money?

Did your parents live through a great trauma around finances eg: depression, bankruptcy, business failure, illness, or a job loss where they had to struggle.

Whether you know this or not these experiences were passed down to you – their thoughts and subconscious beliefs became programmed into vows about your own self-worth.

These vows and beliefs show up in the following ways:-

How much you can earn.

How much wealth you deserve to have.

How hard you have to work for your money.

Whether you can earn a living doing something you love.

Our subconscious mind is where logic doesn’t exist, emotions rule and the past is still operating.

If these subconscious programs are allowed to operate, we may find ourselves sabotaging and limiting our success around money.

I’m Michelle Jacobs, I know how confusing life can be and how it can let you down.

Life experiences can make you feel less than, so you may want to hide your light and talents. It can push all your energy out of balance and even question your sanity.

But with so much to contend with where do I start?

I had been doing different types of spiritual work for many years and even though I had heard about chakras I didn’t see any practical value in them.

I discovered Energy Psychology, which incorporates all healing modalities that have a mind-body connection. EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique was one of them, also known as “tapping”.

I resonated with it, as it was efficient and faster than other techniques I experienced.

Tapping and the chakra system create a path to healing, solving not only one problem but many.

The chakra system points out the specific areas that are disempowering and tapping resolves the issue. After using this system I realised I have all the resources I need, they have been buried under false beliefs and rules. The epiphany was that we need our mind and body connection to feel whole.

Balanced Energy Systems Money Reset Course

Reset your money perspective

The Money Reset course is a comprehensive step-by-step process to shift subconscious money programming. 

These vows may have been handed down through generations, keeping you stuck, living from week to week, even on a high income. Stuck in a job that has no meaning for you.

Are you reliving your parents’ money beliefs, despite your best efforts and hard work to create a different level of wealth?

Don’t blame the banks, taxes, corporations keeping you from your goals.

This is your inner glass ceiling, this is your programming wired into your emotions and nervous system.

This course is open to self-employed/ employed people or anyone who has dreams and goals associated with attracting more wealth. This process is detailed in pinpointing any areas that are creating blocks in actioning and attracting money.

We hold deep subconscious programs that work against obtaining those goals.

The MONEY RESET Course examines those hidden beliefs, blocks and clears them through EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “Tapping”. A very powerful, scientifically proven way of accessing those deep subconscious programs.

Over the 16 weeks we will cover;

Money Reset

$ 3,000

The Money Reset Course will teach you money beliefs related to your world, other people, how money works or doesn’t in your life and how hard we have to work for it, using tapping techniques.

  • Uncovering the mind-body connection.
  • Learning about tapping.
  • Understanding the blocks in 5 kinds of money ie; debt, savings, income, income goals, toxic money. Including their 3 distinct aspects- thought, feelings, connected traumas.
  • Participants become aware/conscious of their personal money blocks and how this stops them achieving their money goals and wealth. Clearing the blocks at the mind-body level using tapping.
  • This provides the participant with a tangible, clear and confidential Money Map that captures their blocks
  • This module uncovers the participants setpoint. The setpoint keeps you at a certain level of success. This is unconsciously wired into your mind–body nervous system.
  • We then observe the family paradigm around money and worth that is adapted from the parents, which blocks them from achieving the desired level of wealth and abundance.
  • Exposes the negative sides of wealth in earning, saving and striving for a specific money goal and more wealth.
  • Uncovers the impact of and clears the impulses operating in clients money and wealth ( rebellion / loyalty), which causes them to either always limit themselves and play small (undercharging, avoiding, ignoring money), or rebel and feel they have to prove themselves and their worth, creating wealth and then sabotaging it (boom and bust cycle).
  • Identify and clear a financial trauma from a participants life, 3 things need to happen
  • A nervous system component must be neutralised with rounds of tapping on all aspects of the trauma ie : anger, loss, grief, self recrimination, self judgement, regret, unforgiveness, battle, bitterness, unfairness, injustice.
  • Identify a “GIFT” from that experience eg: recovering trust and belief in themselves, a new awareness, seeing their strength, new sense of pride, compassion or silencing the inner critic.
  • Identify a calling that came from that trauma and act on it.

An outrageous goal represents stepping out of your comfort zone out of the belief around inner value and the ability to attract and manifest money and wealth.

This process accomplishes;

  • Reveals key inner limiting beliefs that stop clients from achieving their outrageous goals. How these beliefs have affected their nervous systems , in particular any heavy emotions around that outrageous goal.
  • Lowers the energetic charge around the emotions and limiting beliefs associated with the outrageous goal through tapping.
  • Replaces the underlying default goals with the wanted goal and puts the client into a more excited , resourceful empowered state to attract ideas, resources to manifest their goal.
  • Identify and clear a goal trauma from participants life, to then restore their trust and belief in themselves. It frees the energy to feel excitement around their new goal.
  • A goal trauma is when a person sets out to achieve something they really wanted and had to believe in it, believe in their abilities and believe it was possible. They were pro active and really tried but things went terribly wrong.
  • It is important to heal and free this trauma in order for the participant to have the energy to be active in their new goals.
  • The goal here is to not just have self compassion but also identify something that they do under pressure as challenges arrive that self sabotage.
  • Uncovers and clears the hidden resistance to being successful and achieving big goals that is due to the current set point of deserving.
  • Big goals require stepping out of the family paradigm in terms of both earning , value and life struggle, will directly contradict their current program of worthy and deserving.
  • This directly impacts the participants ability to ask for and receive in a very practical way, even daily, taking them out of action. Eg: (charge more, ask for payment, have one’s needs met.)
  • To educate the participant about overwhelm, it’s various elements, as well as the physiological and psychological impact of the stress response associated with overwhelm.
  • To make the participant aware of the impact and the cost of overwhelm, how all their energy is spinning up in their heads and leads to frenetic, anxious energy and unfocused scattered thoughts with massive negative impact on their ability to be focused, grounded and to take effective, efficient, inspired action.
  • To highlight how overwhelm prevents them from activating their brilliance and from getting amazing ideas and insights.
  • To uncover and clear the refusal to shine, which shows up in the participants life as downplaying their power, their gifts and brilliance.
  • This process exposes their blocks to shine, to get out there, market themselves and openly declare their value, power and gifts.
  • To expose the negative impact and cost of perfectionism – that cycle of striving to prove themselves, in that person’s life, business , money.
  • To educate the participant about the downside of that cycle and it’s various forms and how it shows up.
  • To give the participant clarity around how it’s stopping them from stepping up, marketing themselves , using new opportunities, from taking action and revealing their expertise and brilliance.
  • To show participant the cycle of striving stops them from reaping benefits of their hard work and from receiving deserved recognition, reward , success and money.
  • To uncover and pre-empt real setbacks in participants confidence and belief in their self worth by increasing their inner worth, confidence and resiliency.
  • To show the participant how good it feels to shine in their value and really experience their progress in our work together.
  • Through imagery we examine a deeper level of their own resistance to owning their value and confidence.
  • Mapping out a clients hidden agenda attached to their goals and the emotional/ psychological needs that they have attached to their outrageous goals.
  • Exposing their pattern of entering a downward spiral.
  • Uncovering the underlying issues that need addressing to achieve their goals.
  • To transition participants into a new sustainable pattern of taking consistent and inspired action.
  • To transition them into their next successful version of themselves, that gets things done efficiently, makes strides forward and reaches their goals with enthusiasm and energy that attracts inspired supportive people.
  • To short circuit a backlash for participants helping them understand why and what is happening.
  • Taking them through a specific 5 step process to ease backlash.
  • To create a map for dealing with backlash for the participant.
  • To uncover and heal/pre-empt hidden daily resistance to specific actions and steps and as participants move towards goals.
  • To recognise small unconscious blocks that arise and stop people from focusing and action.
  • The maintenance phase of coaching in which clients have grown in leaps and bounds and new things are appearing in their life. Their goals shift and pathways to their goals appear requiring them to continue to step up.
  • Regular system check in and clarity on progress, reassessment of goals, direction, true needs, desires and their money picture.

Money Reset

Course Outcomes

Are you ready for financial freedom?

It’s time to become empowered, confident, and wealthy.

Guided EFT/Tapping will lift the huge weight of your inner wealth blocks and quickly shift your perspective to clarify your goals and renew your drive. (see EFT/ Tapping explanation)

This is the moment everything changes.

This is the Money Reset Course.

Step out of what may seem a hopeless financial hell and open the door to a new wealth reality.