The Authentic Self

6 Month Course

This course will teach you how to clear emotional blockages that prevent you from feeling whole and empowered.

Each week you will focus on achieving positive outcomes, peeling off those layers to find your true self.

I’m Michelle Jacobs, I understand how life experiences can alter your perception and the direction you wish to take.

We end up living with our limitations, fears, beliefs and settling for less. We hope to do so much more in life, but we are held back by ourselves. We settle for less and we get disappointed, unmotivated and frustrated.

After much research into my own healing, I have learnt a few things, from those in the same position. 

I discovered that in order to shift old energy patterns, you need to use a modality that connects body and mind.

I learnt that the way to heal is through those feelings we left behind. EFT shifts those feelings and frees the energy in that space. EFT is a gentle process and easily learnt for your own practice.

Balanced Energy Systems Authentic Self Course

Become whole and authentic

This course is designed to target the first 4 Chakras in the body. This is because these chakras concern most of our life experiences from childhood, where most of our programming is internalised both positive and negative.

When we identify the issues in each chakra then we clear that with tapping. This way we reclaim the inherent energy of that chakra to empower our energies and life. All chakra energy moves upward and creates an unlimited dynamic flow.

Over the 6 months we will cover;

The Authentic Self


The Authentic Self Course will teach you to clear emotional issues and blockages that prevent you from feeling whole, using tapping techniques.

The Authentic Self

Course Outcomes

Are you ready to be your Authentic Self?

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Additional Information

Let’s talk about chakras for a moment. You may not know anything about them or consider them a bit far left field. No matter, the thing is they are real and have been documented for centuries by many ancient civilizations.

Basically, they are energy wheels, battery packs that supply us with different types of energy that sustain and empower us to live in this reality.

Your chakras are essentially designed to guide and support you in fulfilling your unique purpose.

When your chakras are tainted with false information in energy form and flow, it may feel like you are disconnected from yourself, others and the world.

You may also feel it as a spiritual void, where life just becomes tedious. It may feel like something big and important is missing from your life.

Does this sound familiar?

. I want to somehow change my life, actively realise my goals and dreams, but I feel blocked and incapable.

. I don’t like my job and I need to do something that aligns with my goals.

. I feel for the most part anxious and have inner turmoil/fear sabotaging my progress.

. I just feel stuck, overwhelmed by life.

. I have some great ideas, aspirations but I’m afraid of putting them in action.

. Some people really drain my energy, I can get so exhausted.

. I wish I could say no more often.

. I’ve lost all motivation and energy, I want to feel passionate, energised and be dynamic in my life.

. I have done so many self-help courses and spiritual workshops and nothing has really changed .

. I choose to seek out spiritual guidance from others, but I really wish to find it in myself.

All the above are classical examples of chakra energy that is misaligned or blocked.

To heal effectively there has to be a mind-body connection. eg: when we experience a stressful/traumatic event, your body responds with feelings of fear, anxiety, shock, freeze, shame, grief etc. Then your mind will react with negative thoughts, "I'm in danger", "I'm confused", "I'm so angry", etc.

So mind /bodywork together to protect you and keep you out of harm’s way, not to repeat that again.

If we find ourselves in that situation again, we experience a "triggering", where the feelings appear again.

This is now programmed into our nervous system and if it goes unresolved, it will keep limiting us and cause pain. We become "Stuck". 

Eft is a well known and successful mind-body healing modality. Some research suggests that if this unresolved tension remains in our body long enough it may lead to disease processes.

When we experience unwanted, uncomfortable feelings in our bodies, we try to ignore them, forget about them, deny them or suppress them. Often when we feel "yukky" feelings we might decide to distract ourselves by keeping busy.  Comfort eating, drinking, watching TV are ways we alleviate those urges of uncertainty or anxiety.

When we choose not to feel them at all, we shut down.

Unfortunately, when we shut down the negative feelings, we also minimize the good feelings. 

Life then becomes routine, robotic and may even lack meaning. We can often feel disconnected from life and others.

When we heal the stress/trauma, we heal the nervous system.

When you heal the nervous system, you clear the energy blocks.

When you clear the energy blocks, you raise your frequency, your awareness and your innate abilities.

This is when the universe aligns you with realities like, love, joy and wealth that matches your conscious awareness.

EFT lifts those negative feelings up and out of your body/nervous system, allowing us to feel whole and comfortable.

Tapping has been around for over 30 years. It has scientific backing and is used for anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, weight loss, stress, resentment, auto immune disease, phobias, anger and addiction etc.

It is an acupressure technique that helps people connect with their body when they are experiencing a trauma or emotion charged event, whether the event is recent or in the past.

This has a calming and stress reducing effect by calming the flight, fight, freeze response when under threat. Tapping works on deep subconscious programmes that no longer serve us. Tapping is often described as psychological acupuncture in it’s effectiveness.

The technique consists of tapping certain acupressure points on the head and upper body while verbalising the issue or problem. This then calms those parts of the brain that are involved in processing emotion.

EFT Tapping points   Emotional Frequency Tapping Technique

It helps release feelings held in the body and mind chatter associated with the issue permanently.

EFT has proven to rewire the brain, to eliminate unconscious blocks, that keep us stuck, unable to move forward in our lives.


…If you found an accessible, reliable way of dealing with your limiting beliefs, that empowers you to move forward.

…You discover your true talents to create or move into the job that resonates with your talents.

…Feeling energised and passionate about creating the life you truly desire. Feeling centred, in touch with who you are and your own inner guidance.

…Able to attract the people that inspire you and the opportunities that create abundance.

This is what The Authentic Self course will give you.