Psychic Services

The readings are for people who wish to understand themselves better. With knowledge comes wisdom to create change.

The intent is to heal and gain a better understanding of your life and why you are here.

When we understand our spiritual calling, our lives move more freely and with a sense of peace and freedom.

Guidance from Source is asking us to wake up to our own truth, our own unique path.

Psychic Services

What we offer you

In all Psychic readings, there is also an element of healing that naturally takes place. People may feel a sense of peace and calm,  feel confident in a new direction or have a new and clear understanding of a situation.

Balanced Energy Systems Psychic services
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Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis reflects a clear understanding of deeper subconscious programs that may relate to the issue at hand.

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Clairvoyance gives a detailed visual window into past, present and future timelines. Images and symbols can reveal what healing needs to take place energetically.

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Empaths are naturally attuned to feeling the emotional nature of others. This can bring light to beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve the individual.

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Psychometry is an ability to feel into an energy imprint that is left in an object eg: Jewellery. This is helpful to ground incoming information and give an overall picture of your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.

Let's explore your spiritual self

Interested in a psychic reading or commencing a course?

Please feel free to contact Michelle via email or phone for further information and booking availability.

Based in Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia.

Balanced Energy Systems

Why Are We Different?

Our goal is to advance spiritual growth through conscious awareness. When we are aware of our unconscious programs and their origins we can finally begin to heal, without shame or judgement. With the use of EFT, we can finally be free to respond rather than react, to be more active in the direction of our lives and to have more compassion for ourselves and others.

Psychic readings provide insights and a higher perspective when seeking guidance for personal issues.

The courses offer a way to recognise the old patterns we are hooked into and the pain they create, plus a way to rewire our brains to resolve that patterning.

Often when a client presents with an issue, it may only be the tip of the iceberg. Our courses aspire to track the issue in other areas of your life that it may be affecting. 

The Authentic Self Course looks at the “false self” that we create to cope with our painful experiences. Utilising the Chakra System as an emotional map traces and defines our stress so we have a clear understanding of the issue. The course is very comprehensive in revealing areas of your life that need healing and empowerment. You will be surprised. EFT helps you regain your creative energy and resilience.

The Money Reset Course specifically targets all the internalised feelings of anxiety, failure and fears around money. You will be truly intrigued by what is uncovered and where those blocks have come from.

EFT helps change unwanted feelings.

We believe our services are in keeping with the challenges most people are experiencing now. Our goal is to empower others with tools that give people the confidence and resilience to make changes in their lives.

Psychic Services

Frequently Asked Question

A reading is for anyone who has genuine, honest concerns about their life and direction. A reading gives clarity and an insight into what needs attention in your life and a stronger connection to spirit.

The more specific the question the better eg: What will happen if I........?

Also, questions can be asked in the following categories as a general outline - money, health, relationships, career, family, spiritual path, past lives.

I connect energetically with guides that have a higher consciousness, that can see the bigger picture. They assist in getting us on the right track. 

Only you can change your life. When I see future events, they are the result of your current path you are travelling on. You can change that path by changing your mind, beliefs and making different decisions. Nothing is set in concrete.