The Authentic Self

An opportunity to discover your true authentic self through tapping.

The Authentic Self Tapping course is offered to small groups over 2 days in length. Or private 1:1 sessions for a length of time by a qualified Transformational Coach.

Find out more about transformational coaching and how it empowers change in our lives.

The Authentic Self - Transformational Coaching by Balanced Energy Systems
The Authentic Self - Learn about Chakras & Tapping techniques
The Authentic Self - Learn about Chakras & Tapping techniques

The Authentic Self Course (Tapping)

Group Workshop 2 Day (Face to Face) $750pp
Online Zoom Workshop 2 Day (1 on 1) $500pp

Course Outcomes

Over the 2 days The Authentic Self Tapping Course will teach you to clear emotional issues and blockages that prevent you from feeling whole, using tapping techniques.  Each day you will focus on achieving outcomes to find your authentic self.

Day 1

  • Learn to feel grounded and safe at a physical nervous system level
  • Self-acceptance and being at ease in your body
  • Learn to consciously identify and address habitual thoughts based on family paradigms, to help you shift into the new reality you want to create
  • Learn to be present and live in the moment
  • Channel more life-force energy into your life that will be felt by you and others as personal power, passion and creative ability
  • Experience energy and power, spurring you to act on and go for what you really want and deserve
  • Feeling who you are and what you’re truly drawn toward and what you truly want
  • Learning to let in more love, intimacy and vulnerability into your relationships while setting better boundaries
  • A new willingness to be vulnerable, flawed and human
  • A deeper ability to feel your emotions, needs, pleasure, joy and celebration

Day 2

  • The ability to embody the true powerful you and take action with your desires and needs
  • Learn to be enthusiastically willing, to be seen and declare yourself as valuable
  • Have more clear and focussed energy on the most important things that you have avoided for years
  • Stand in your truth, ask more boldly and take action with passion to create your desires
  • Experience the freedom and gifts of being you
  • New ability to easily set personal boundaries that honour you and others, without confrontation and without battle and trauma
  • Feel the amazing freedom of true self-acceptance and freedom from the ruthless inner critic
  • Allow your compassion, softness, caring and heartfelt intention to be heard and felt by others

What are emotional blocks

We all grow up in an imperfect world. We experience traumas and issues from families, relationships and work etc. The effects stay with us and affect us, whether we are conscious of them or not. Unless dealt with they influence and control our thoughts, beliefs and behaviour. Most are stored in the unconscious mind, forgotten or re-lived over such as in the case of PTSD. This affects our energy systems, noticeably in the nervous system.

Without clearing, we experience a myriad of symptoms. E.g. Depression, anxiety, pain, phobias, negative thoughts, mood swings, rage and so on. If not dealt with they eventually reside symptomatically in the body. This alerts us that something is out of sync. 

This is the Mind-Body connection, also known as Energy Psychology. If left long enough, it can escalate into disease or emotional problems. These programs continue to run just out of awareness. They sabotage our success, our passion, health and joy. 

We have within us pure energy systems already in place from babies to adulthood. These systems ensures we have all the attributes to succeed and have happy and fulfilled lives. This is the Chakra System. The Chakra system represents significant periods of growth in our consciousness.

The Chakra System is tied to our nervous system and assists us to grow into our potential with consciousness and awareness. It works with our psyche, gives us intuition and a sense of empowerment. The chakras won’t function optimally to reach our true potential if locked up with emotional issues or distress.

We feel as a result, that we are stuck, existing or just surviving. When cleared we move into feelings of confidence, happiness and energy. We truly embody our Authentic Selves. 

From the moment we are born we start moving into those attributed energies that each chakra provides for us to survive in this world. Each chakra, when freely flowing, the energy then moves into the next so we have the creativity to master our lives. 

For most of us, we live in our minds which limits our creative capacity. The secret is to feel, this is how we tap into the Chakra attributes. Let’s talk about the Chakra system and how the whole thing works within us. 

We acknowledge that there are 7 chakras in alignment within our body. Eastern religion and philosophy recognise this and have been working with these systems for hundreds of years. Look at acupuncture and its use in the medical field to treat disease. The meridians also connect with our nervous systems and the Chakras.

Chakra 1

Located at the base of the spine.
The first Chakra (Root Chakra) is located at the base of the spine. We connect with it from utero – 12 months. The first Chakra is very important as it provides our basic solid foundation for our entry into the world.

Chakra 1 attributes include:
Feeling safe, grounded, survival, stability, connection with our body and feelings, feeling worthy of love, feeling wanted and taken care of, being in the present, wanting things, this is my reality and worth.

If the person experiences trauma, e.g. abusive family situation or other distress, then the energy doesn’t function to its potential. We then move into feelings of anxiety, stress, head spinning, unable to act, restless, fearful, zoning out, lack of self care, money issues, procrastination, undisciplined, not completing projects.

The Authentic Self - Chakra 1 - Transformational Coaching

Chakra 2

Chakra 2 sits above the first in the lower abdomen.
6 months – 2 years. (Sacral) Sexuality, pleasure, able to receive, emotional identity, passion, power, creativity, self gratification, raw life energy, ability to feel vulnerable and sensitive, acceptance of our flaws, trust.

Limitations for Chakra 2 cause:
Guilt, shame, poor boundaries, rigid, fearful of using power, unable to feel or show anger, depression, frustration, self sabotage, difficulty feeling joy, passion, connection with others, sexual shutdown or excess, unable to feel, unable to trust, abandonment, rejection, bad feelings in body, disappointment expected.

Chakra 3

Third Chakra (Solar Plexus) sits just behind the navel.
18 months – 4 years. Willpower, self definition, vitality, sense of strength and purpose, self esteem, ego identity, enthusiasm, decisive action, confidence, self determination, being out in the world and taking risks.

3rd Chakra limitations:
Shame, scattered energy, restless or sluggish, controlling behaviour, weak willed, passive, fearful, prefer to be invisible, spinning in head, anxiety, unassertive, self sacrifice, resentment, people pleaser, lack of boundaries, aggression, martyr, “I must be good”.

Chakra 4

Fourth Chakra (Heart Chakra) sits in the lower centre chest.
4-7 years old. Feeling alive in energy, love, relationships, self acceptance, balanced energy, compassion, to love and be loved, social identity, forgiveness, acceptance of flaws, softness, caring, heartfelt, warmth, wisdom, joy, enthusiasm, kindness.

4th Chakra limitations:
Self critical, judgemental, unable to accept praise, over responsible, unable to express feelings, feeling unworthy of support, stoic, not allowing anger, guarded heart, unable to feel connection with others, secretly lonely, trying to be perfect, “I must be selfless to receive love”, “Can’t forgive my mistakes”, self punishment.

Tapping is the solution

Of course there are 3 more Chakras in the system. The Throat Chakra, 3rd Eye Chakra and the Crown Chakra. These deal with higher consciousness and the spiritual path. But for this exercise, we will specifically deal with the first four. We do this as these Chakras deal more with our childhood issues. Freeing these, also positively influences the higher three Chakras. Ultimately we move into a sense of wholeness and safety to be in the world. 

Tapping clears unwanted emotion.

Personally I can testify to the effectiveness of Tapping in clearing these emotional binds. Tapping has been around with 30 years and is scientifically proven. Many professionals are using this in their practice. Tapping discharges the energies around emotional issues, bringing the body to a state of rest and relaxation. The results are lasting. Tapping is a highly effective mind/body tool that clears old energies. Once understood, the client then has a self help tool.

E.F.T requires you to tap with the fingers on certain meridian points on the face and upper body.

The Authentic Self - Learn how to Tap - Tapping is the solution

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