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Balanced Energy Systems

My work, is about assisting people to find their own path through guidance and healing. Michelle offers a range of services to assist, guide and heal you through any of life’s challenges.
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Psychic Services

Balanced Energy Systems - Clairvoyant Services


The ability to receive pictures / symbols regarding an event or question.

Balanced Energy Systems - DNA Activation Services

DNA Activation

Clearing of any energy
impeding your spiritual

Balanced Energy Systems - Psychic Medium Services

Psychic Medium

Facilitating communication
with people who have passed

Balanced Energy Systems - Psychometry Services


When an object is touched, it leaves an energetic foot print which can then be interpreted.

Online Courses

The Authentic Self

An opportunity to discover your true authentic self through tapping.

The Authentic Self Tapping course is offered to small groups over 2 days in length. Or private 1:1 sessions for a length of time by a qualified Transformational Coach.

Find out more about transformational coaching and how it empowers change in our lives.

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“Highly recommended!”

I have now had several readings with Michelle and am amazed at the accuracy each time. It is amazing how Michelle can tune in to what is needed at that point in time. Not only is Michelle a gifted reader but also down to earth and compassionate. I highly recommend having a reading with Michelle.

– Shane Paterson

“Not just a reading…”

… Michelle uses across the board tools, whatever is necessary to assist the individual to understand what, who, where and why is happening in their lives, to help us move from the current point of distress in our lives. Then just to top it off, if it is appropriate to and for you, healing on a number of different levels is also apart of her gift to the individual.

– Dani Runnalls

“Amazingly accurate reading!”

After my reading with Michelle my outlook on life dramatically changed. She is amazingly accurate and is so in tune with her guides. She welcomes questions and in depth conversation. A truly beautiful soul.

– Shona Kerr

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Interested in a psychic session or course? Please feel free to contact me via email or phone for further information and booking availability. Based in Hervey Bay, QLD, Australia.